Thank You From Mabry Elementary PTA,

Dear Alessi Bakeries,

On behalf of Mabry Elementary PTA, I would like to extend a sincere thank you for the generous donation you made to our Spring 2022 Fundraising event. Our Rock the Boat Auction event was a great success thanks to your generosity and support.

Thanks to you, your fellow donors and auction sponsors, we will be able to purchase many educational items, improve school grounds, provide funds for teachers to purchase necessary classroom supplies and so much more.

Because you contributed to our online auction, you can be assured that your contribution was noted not only by those individuals who bid on your items, but by the vast number of visitors who viewed our online auction site as well.

The Mabry Elementary PTA looks forward to working with you in future endeavors and hope that we can continue to count on your support. We are deeply touched to have your donation and having our community coming together to support our school has been an uplifting experience.

Again, we are most appreciative of your generosity, thoughtfulness, and support to our school and our students at Mabry Elementary.


Mai Mifsud

Mabry Auction Chair 2022

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