About Alessi Bakery

Our Story

Alessi Bakery is a true Tampa landmark dating back over a century to 1912, making it one of the few historic restaurant establishments in the area. Situated at 2909 W. Cypress Street Alessi, Bakery was first opened on Cherry Street by Nicolo Alessi. He arrived in Tampa from Italy over a hundred years ago, bringing his knowledge of baking and proud European heritage with him. Nicolo Alessi used to deliver the freshest Italian and Cuban bread on horse and wagon to his customers. Nicolo’s son John Alessi, continued his father’s tradition of baking, and he received numerous awards for his cake decorating. Those very same cake recipes have been perfected over the years and these cakes are well-known all over the Tampa Bay area for their personalized touch for weddings or any milestone event.

John’s son Phil, was influenced by his father’s love for the business. He loved helping and working around the bakery with his father. As Phil got older, his dream was to expand Alessi Bakery beyond Tampa Bay. He knew the products were not just good enough to sell locally, but good enough to supply wholesale products to companies nationally, and that they did! Later, a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility was developed in Northwest Tampa, creating the same high quality baked goods and specialty items patrons have always loved.

Phil continued the father-son tradition, and brought his son, Phil Alessi Jr. to work side-by-side with him as the 4th generation Alessi to carry on the family business. In 2011 Phil Jr. began to remodel the bakery at 2909 W. Cypress Street, adding new menu items, a wonderful area for patrons to enjoy their meals, a large window to watch Alessi’s cake decorators create their famous cakes. He created one of Tampa’s most popular catering departments.

Although, Alessi Bakery continues to keep up with the trending market, and the days of delivering bread by horse and wagon are long gone, the old traditional bakery feel is ever present on 2909 W. Cypress Street.

It has been over 100 years since Alessi Bakery’s first inception in 1912. Nicolo’s insistence on quality, hard-work, consistency and customer service inherited by 4 generations has been their perfect recipe for success. Their love, experience, and knowledge have made the Alessi family bakery the most successful and well-known bakery in Tampa offering the finest baked goods, wedding cakes and catering in the Tampa Bay area.


The Staff


Melissa Maggiore

Cake Designer

For almost a quarter of a  century now, Melissa Maggiore has been making immaculate confections around Central and Southern Florida. In 2000 she came to Alessi Bakery in Tampa; here her culinary creations have been the star for tens of thousands of nuptials.

She showcased her talents at many of Tampa’s charity events, and also on national radio and television shows. She has done work for celebrities such as: George Steinbrenner, Jon Bon Jovi, Roger Waters, Megan Trainor, and Taylor Swift. To see more of her spectacular work, visit our cake section