Made in Tampa: Alessi Bakery

In 1912, a few crucial world events occurred. The Titanic sank; New Mexico and Arizona become states; the Oreo debuted on store shelves. And if you were in Tampa, Alessi Bakeryopened its doors. Still hugely successful 106 years later, it’s doing something right. “It’s really cool when you walk into airports and stores and you’re wearing your Alessi shirt,” says Phil Alessi Jr., the fourth-generation owner. “People come up to... read more

A Tampa Legacy

For over a century, Tampa natives and visitors from around the country have trusted one Florida name above the rest to deliver delicious baked goods and specialty items. Alessi Bakery, a family-owned business now in its fourth generation, continues to remain an establishment of steadfast quality in Tampa Bay. Through years of hard work, dedication and passion, the men and women of the Alessi family built an empire of... read more

Thorntons Teams Up With Alessi Bakery in Florida

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Thorntons convenience stores in Florida are adding Alessi Bakery products, which are made at the Tampa, Fla., bakery and delivered to the chain's 10 stores in the state daily. Alessi Bakery is a longtime Tampa business, dating back to 1912. The family-run company is managed by a fourth-generation father-son team and is known for its baked goods, wedding cakes and catering in the Tampa Bay area. Thorntons will... read more

Best Places For Wedding Cakes In Tampa Bay

As spring approaches, the days are warming and the sun is setting later. This can mean only one thing: the traditional high season for weddings. Venue, decorations, meals, transport and attire — with so much to plan, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, you will get to eat cake. Here are five of the best wedding cake experts in the Tampa Bay area. See article at CBS Tampa Bay (

Tampa Bay’s Thriving Bakery Scene

Bakers across Tampa Bay work in the pre-dawn light while we sleep, ensuring we wake up to warm bread, fresh muffins and crispy cookies. In a city as diverse as Tampa, visitors can try confections from many countries, including Italy, Cuba and Greece. Some bakeries produce hearty breads that will get you through the day. Others make tasty bites for a great mid-afternoon treat. We stopped by some of the city's... read more